My favourite places to see and activities I’d recommend in Bristol

by Kal, Senior Resident

Newfound freedom, new flatmates, and a new city. It may seem a bit overwhelming to figure out what to do first so here’s a quick guide on what there is to do in Bristol. 

Let’s start with some daytime activities 

First, for those who have never been to Bristol before some buildings are a must-see around the city from the Wills memorial building to the We Are Curious disco ball sculpture in millennium square. Download an architecture trail of all the buildings to visit. 

If architecture isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe you’ll prefer coffee with many independent cafés and bakeries in Bristol you are sure to find one you like. Some suggestions: Playground coffee house, Papadeli or Pinkmans.  

From coffee to food to experience some of the best food in Bristol head down to St. Nick’s market it’s in the city centre so easily accessible by bus. It’s packed with an eclectic array of cultural cuisine. It’s a busy market so if that’s not your vibe then carry on reading for some more chilled suggestions. 

Fancy a picnic in the park with your new course and/or flatmates well with Cabot Tower in Brandon Hill Park just a stone’s throw away from the university buildings why not try there? Or if you want to try dog spotting then the downs is another great option. Open fields and if you walk to the edge of Clifton downs there is a lookout point that has a spectacular view of the Clifton suspension bridge.   

The next activity might no be to everyone’s taste or budget, but Cabot Circus has practically every shop you’d need. If you enjoy shopping or even just want to eat at a chain restaurant then Cabot has got what you need. It’s also located in the shopping quarter of Bristol so there are plenty of other shops around. 

However, if you are on the more sustainable side of fashion and like a vintage shop then Park Street has a fair few with a good range of stock. These are just down the road from Bristol’s main campus towards Collage Green another park with the cathedral overlooking it (though it is also a hotspot for a protest or two, it even hosted Greta Thunberg in early 2020). 

Now moving on to the night time activities… 

Of course, there are a large number of clubs and pubs to go to and I’m sure the SU will have some nights out planned but a couple of choice picks that might be a little quieter and quirky wouldn’t go a miss on this blogpost. So speed round: Chance & Counters, a board game lover’s dream; the Lanes, bowling and karaoke with milkshakes; Everyman cinema, a cinema with sofas and table service; and London Cocktail Bar (don’t worry it’s still in Bristol) a fancier take on happy hour. 

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