Celebrating the Lunar New Year away from home

By Student Champion, Jennie

As the Lunar New Year (LNY) draws closer, some of us who celebrate it may start longing for the comforts of home. Growing up, I’ve always looked forward to going back to Malaysia to celebrate LNY with my family. This year, however, things will be a little different for me as I will be celebrating LNY in the UK for the first time. It’s easy to start feeling homesick and overwhelmed; but at the same time, it’s a chance for us to create new traditions and make the most out of our time here!

If you are also celebrating the LNY away from home, here are some tips that might help you feel connected to our traditions and culture:

  1. Reach out to your loved ones back home. Whether it’s through a phone call, video chat, or even just a text message, staying in touch with your family and friends can help you feel connected and supported.
  2. Get creative with your celebrations. If you can’t do things exactly how you would back home, think of new and unique ways to bring the holiday to life. For example, you could host a LNY feast with your friends. I know I’ll be cooking up a storm in the kitchen to prepare some of my favourite traditional dishes. This includes dumplings, spring rolls, and, of course, a big pot of luck-bringing noodles! Or, spice up your dorm room with red and gold decorations. Red and gold are the colours of the LNY, and they are believed to bring luck and prosperity.
  3. Join LNY events in Bristol! The Global Lounge will be hosting several traditional activities throughout the holiday season—as of now, they’re planning to provide sessions on kite making, lantern making, Mahjong, and calligraphy—why not join in the fun? The Bristol Museum & Art Gallery will also be hosting a special 2-day event filled with performances and activities to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.
  4. Take some time to reflect on the holiday’s meaning and significance. The LNY is a time for new beginnings, so use this opportunity to set intentions and goals for the year ahead.

Overall, the LNY is all about celebrating and coming together with loved ones. Whether this is your first time away from home or your umpteenth, there are always new ways to make the most of this special occasion. I hope these tips help you to celebrate LNY in your own way; if you’re celebrating the LNY away from home, don’t be afraid to embrace it – you never know what amazing experiences and memories you’ll create.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year!

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  1. Great tips! Communities in the University and in the city of Bristol will be celebrating the New Year: the Global Lounge events and the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery event will be really fun.

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