Mental Health Awareness week: Be active

Get moving this summer to improve your wellbeing!

by Beth Robinson, Senior Resident

I think we all know by now that exercise is linked to better wellbeing. Whether it’s the yoga that was constantly recommended to you during lockdown, walking your dog, or playing tennis when we were allowed to play sports with someone else for the first time in a long time, we hope that you all have found some way to stay healthy both physically and mentally over the past year.  

With summer rapidly approaching, we wanted to share some of our favourite things to do in Bristol which can keep both your body and brain healthyScroll to the bottom for some University-led exercise events and links too! 

We asked current students for their thoughts…  

Near West village

Ashton Court is a beautiful field filled with natural sunlight, plants and wildlife – including deer!  It’s just past the Clifton suspension bridge and is a great spot for a walk and picnic, or ice cream (or both ofc…).

“Abbot’s pool is a natural reservoir right next to Ashton Court. It’s a fab spot for swimming, and one of my favourite places in Bristol! It’s also where lots of ‘Skins’ the TV show  was filmed (the more you know).”

Near North village

“If you live in North village and get the bus to uni, try walking or cycling just once along Whiteladies Road. If you don’t enjoy it, feel free to get back on that U1, but from experience, it definitely made me feel more productive even before my day had properly started.”

“When it’s sunny, bring your laptop and books outside to a green space and work outside for a while.”


Near East village

“If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s a cycle path that runs from Bristol city centre all the way to Bath (or walk). It’s really beautiful and I felt better for doing it!” Check out Bristol’s cycling routes .

“Walking around the city centre is great for wellbeing in itself – do what you enjoy, whether that be shopping, skateboarding or simply wandering around on Park Street (we recommend grabbing some Bubble Tea from Jo’s Tea along the way…).”

Other resources and events from the University of Bristol & some useful links

B:Active Campus Accessible & cheap exercise, ft. friendly team sports and fitness classes etc. IG: @bristolunibactive  

Cycle the City Various cycle routes in Bristol and tours – there’s also a Resilife partnered event coming up soon! For tickets visit the UoB online shop, using this password: R3S1L!FE

SUP Bristol Get involved with Stand up paddle boarding sessions starting soon, tickets available on the UoB online shop using password R3S1L!FE

UoB’s What’s on page All the info for getting involved with university and student led activities


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