10 Top Fav Places in Bristol

by Yeliz Vural, Senior Resident

I have been in Bristol since 2017 and I have had chance to explore lots of great places. Here is a list of my top 10 fav places:

1. Harbourside

I love everything about harbourside! It is a convenient place for students and very close to the University Halls in East and West Villages. During the pandemic, outdoor activities (i.e. jogging) around harbourside helped me a lot to cope with my anxiety. Morning walks here are amazing and as a coffee lover I love drinking my coffee in the mornings after a nice walk somewhere close to harbourside.

2. Left Handed Giant

I feel I have a special connection with this pub. Their beers are sooo tasty. It is a very nice place to hang out with my friends. It is great that they offer open area for those who are keen to be outside and have their foods and drinks by the water.

3. Weston-super-Mare

If you have time and want to explore places close to Bristol, I’d definitely recommend Weston! You can spend all day by exploring new places in Weston. I should say do not come back from Weston before visiting the old Pier. Also, Winnies Bakery makes delicious pastries. You should try some if you are a foodie person like me 😊

4. Leigh Woods

Leigh woods always makes me feel as if I was in a movie! It is so mystical yet full of excitement and happiness for me. Having a long walk here with your loved ones can make your weekend brighter!

5. Goldney House and Gardens

I have great memories in Goldney House. My graduation party (after my Master’s) was organised here. It was a very joyful evening. It also hosted my first Senior Resident training celebration night. I remember I laughed a lot and had fun with my colleagues at that night. It is great to hear that the Goldney house has started hosting visitors. You should give it a chance.

6. Suspension Bridge

It is always in my diary for weekends. I like having a walk around suspension bridge with my mates.

7. Society café

It is a very good place for relaxing and if you have deadlines or just want to sit and read your book, here would be your new must-go place 😊

8. The Downs

This is a place for lots of fun activities and festivals! Recently, we have gone a lot to the Downs for picnics. I am looking forward to going Pride this year and have lots of fun!

9. Watershed

I like watershed cinema nights and then having a peaceful, calm dinner in the café.

10. White Lion Hotel Pub

They have an amazing terrace and, of course, a great scenery. Seeing all those lovely trees, and Suspension Bridge, helps me to connect to the nature more. It is a kind of meditative feeling. Watching sunset is also epic!

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