Celebrate your Pet – Competition Two

We have a winner!

Thank you so much to everyone who shared pictures and stories of their fabulous pets. We genuinely fell in love with all of them… however there is one particular animal who really needs to be recognised, not just by us, but by the whole of Bristol.

Actually, forget that, by the whole country.

In fact, she should be a global celebrity!

I am talking about Twix the cat.

Now, you may be thinking, I don’t see it.  What makes Twix so special?  At first, we had the impression that this feline is more interested in what is going into her stomach than what is going on around her.  (Sounds like me working from home…)  But please read her story to find out what it was that eventually impressed us so much.

“My cat saved my life. Perhaps that sounds a bit extreme, but it is technically true. A few years ago, in a county far far away, my family were resting after a long day. Our slightly over fed cat, Twix, came bounding into the living room from the kitchen far more animated than she usually is, meowing at a pitch previously reserved only for dinner time. She seemed insistent that we needed to come with her at once, or something terrible would happen. Normally we interpret this ‘terrible event’ as a lack of dreamies, but after she returned to the kitchen and came back a few times, only increasing in volume after each trip, we decided to indulge her and give her a bit of food. My mum and I followed her into the kitchen, but instantly smelled something. Somehow, our washing machine had caught fire and was filling the house with smoke. Twix continued to meow as we called the fire brigade, who managed to prevent the fire from spreading past the kitchen, but it was a close one, too much longer without Twix telling us and we may have been trapped!” 

Oli.N., School of Mathematics

Another of our favourites is Bella, who shows just how sensitive and super intelligent animals can be – even though she is a lager drinker!

“This is Bella. Bella is a springer spaniel, and she came into my life when she was 6, she’s now 8. I have an anxiety disorder and get panic attacks quite often, when I do, she knows and lies on my chest to calm me down, she really helps me regulate my emotions. It’s hard not to have her here with me, but we facetime every day. She loves the beach, especially chasing seagulls, and she’s the only dog I know that begs for lager or has no concept of “fetch”.”

Jess G., School of Veterinary Sciences


And we just have to give a shout out to Skittle, Pye, Cleo, Twiglet, Sparkey and Ali. Yes, you read that right.  Six cats in this household!

“These are my beautiful cats! I want to celebrate them because pictures of them help get me through tough days (or a video call!). They bring me such joy and I hope these pictures will for others too! They’ve all got their own personalities and can be such menaces but that means no day is ever boring! One of them will only cuddle me on the toilet (weirdo I know) but I’ve actually trained him to give ‘paw’ like a dog (Skittle). The two cats in hats are always in places they shouldn’t be creating mischief (Pye and Cleo), the little screaming one is always terrorising his big brother (Twiglet), and the the sleepy one Sparkey) and big eyed one (Ali) are my cuddly babies (I live for kitty cuddles). So if you’re missing your pets like me I’d advise either video calls, joining the cat or dog society at Bristol or there’s cat cafés around to get your floof fix!”

Fiona R., Global Wildlife Health and Conservation

Finally, here is a picture of all the pets that are giving you the feel good factor! 😊

Remember, if you are missing cuddles with a pet (or even a human), or just want someone to talk to, you can contact Wellbeing Services and you will be connected to the right support or service.  And if you missed our Transition to university competition blog then check it out for lots of events and resources on keeping well with the change of season.

Competition three – Comfort food recipes

Next week we are asking you to share your favourite comfort food recipes.  For many people this time of year means they are looking for something warming and filling.  But it could be a meal that reminds you of a special person, or brings back memories of a happy place.

Send your pics and stories to student-comms@bristol.ac.uk and you could win a £25 voucher!

The deadline is 11 am on Friday 12 November.

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