Meet our Student Champions

Our Student Champions work with the Student Communications Team to help represent the student voice in creating and sharing content across our main channels.

This year we have nine new faces to introduce to you – if you are interested in working with our Champions or even want to be a Champion in the future, please get in touch with us at


I am in my second year of International business management at the University of Bristol, where I am involved in helping to run Management, Czech & Slovak and Project talk societies. You can also see me at some of the events in the Global lounge, where I work as an ambassador. I am a passionate photographer with a particular focus on urban architecture and food. I am looking forward to capturing the everyday life of students at the University through the lens of my camera and working within a vibrant team of other creative champions.


I am a second-year Criminology student, and now a Student Champion! I am a Student Ambassador and Peer Mentor at the university in addition to being the Head Editor for UBTV society. I am also a member of Dance Society and Criminal Justice Society. I also love to socialise with my friends when I can drag myself away from my desk! Moreover, I am a creative individual who has an enthusiasm for creating content. I work in the marketing and content creation department at Accommodation for Students, and I also create student-based campaigns with Seed Marketing. This experience and passion for creating content for students is what appealed to me about the Student Champion role.  I wanted to be a Student Champion as I understand the importance of creating content that is informative and engaging for students. We see so much every day through social media and via our emails that sometimes it is easy to lose important information. I am looking forward to beginning my role and creating fun, eye-catching and inclusive content for all students at the University of Bristol.


I’m excited to come onboard the Student Champions team. I am a Second Year Politics and IR student from Dominican Republic and completed my Foundation Programme on Social Sciences and Law from 2019-2020. I’ve been part of Bristol for the last three years and i’ve been a course rep ever since I began my student life here, I am looking forward to finding new ways to connect and engage our community. There is SO MUCH happening around the University and the city, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or miss out on loads of fun activities, so I’m here to make sure you make the most of your time in Bristol, as well as remind you of all the opportunities offered by the university so you enjoy your student years to the fullest.

Katarzyna (Kat)

I am a second year LLB Law and German student. In my free time, I enjoy debating, dancing and spending time actively outside. I always look for something to get engaged with – whether that is a mooting competition, work experience or a volunteering project. Because of my constant search for new opportunities, I decided to undertake the role of Student Champion and become a part of the Communications team. I very much look forward to collaborating with other students on various campaigns and activities, as well as critically engaging with projects and ideas proposed by the university.


I am from Rwanda and am currently studying the Banking and Finance LLM here at the University of Bristol. I am looking forward to being a Student Champion because I know how necessary it is to ensure the student’s voice is well represented to the University and that there is a means for open communication that can result in change where needed. In addition to that, I believe being an international student also gives me an insight on some challenges that may be faced by fellow students and how best they can be resolved through assistance from the university.


I am in my third year studying Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. I enjoy photography, baking, reading, and watching movies. I am originally from Birmingham and love living in Bristol. I am looking forward to being a Student Champion, as I want to share my university experience with others. I also look forward to getting involved in the university’s various campaigns.


I’m currently in my third year studying Cancer Biology and Immunology, which is basically just a very fancy way of saying I spend my time looking at the really quite alarming number of things that happen inside a cell! When I’m not looking at my textbook in utter awe and confusion, I spend a lot of time grooving in the Dance Studio with Bristol Dance Soc, where I’m part of the Tap competition team. I’m so excited to get to tell a bit of my story through creating content with the other student champions; from what it’s like to be a woman in STEM, the work we can do to help with decolonisation and diversification at the uni, ways to protect our wellbeing, alongside all the things that make being a student here the so much fun!


I’m very excited to start working as a Student Champion! I am a first year student here at the University of Bristol and I study French and Spanish. As well as languages, I also really enjoy playing the trumpet and piano in my spare time and making Youtube videos too! I hope to bring a strong sense of creativity to this role because from a young age, I have always enjoyed being inventive and thinking outside of the box. I believe that communication with students is key and I am determined to think of new ways in which we can transmit messages across our student population in a simple yet impactful manner.


I’m from Indonesia and I’m currently studying MA Film & Television at UOB. I have always been a huge fan of video production & content creation, as well as social media because I see these three things correlated & I could make an impact out of them. These are the reasons why I applied to Student Champions at the first place and as I am already in the team, I am really looking forward to being able to collaboratively & creatively participate in any group or individual work, where I can share my idea, knowledge, and skills with the fellow Student Champions. Furthermore, I’d love to contribute more in sharing the idea of productivity & wellness towards students as I feel this topic is important for students to maintain good mental health despite all the hecticness they need to go through.

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