Valentines Tips

As part of Valentine’s week, I would like to share some tips on spending this special day of the year.

Start your day with a special homemade breakfast.

Is there a better way to start a day than by having some delicious breakfast? And what about breakfast in bed? Of course, you could go for a lovely brunch at many of Bristol’s fantastic restaurants, but if you want to make this day special, surprise your other half with some homemade pancakes or French toast. You could try these simple recipes, top it with some cream and strawberries, and enjoy this wonderful breakfast from the comfort of your bed.

Go for a romantic stroll.

Bristol offers some fantastic places for walks. Some of the most popular include St George Park, Brandon Hill, and Leigh Woods. A walk is not only great for mental health, but it’s also an excellent way to catch up away from your phones laptops. It is also one of few free things that you can do in Bristol for Valentine’s day, so take your loved one and explore the beauty of Bristol’s nature together.

Recreate your favourite date

Why not revive the memories from your favourite date? Whether it was your first date or the one you just really enjoyed. That restaurant with dim lights and weird food that somehow became a favourite place in your mind. It can also be a nice way to reflect on your memories together.

Bristol Aquarium

If you fancy experiencing something less usual, the Bristol Aquarium has all the sea life lovers covered. You will have a chance to see a range of unique creatures that emerge only after the closing hour. If you want to surprise your loved one, there is an option to have a bottle with a secret message sank into the giant aquarium. This will be retrieved, and you can read the message to each other.

Cook a dinner together

While many of us find this activity more of a necessity, cooking together can be great fun. So why not put together your cooking skills and prepare something special for the night. Decorate the room with some candles, dress up and enjoy the meal you have cooked together.

Or enjoy dinner at many of the fantastic restaurants.

If you don’t feel like cooking, head to one of the many fantastic restaurants in the city. Fancy some Indian Kari? Italian Pasta? Japanese sushi or something Persian? Bristol has you covered. Check out the options online, and don’t forget to make a reservation.

Go to a theatre

If you are searching for some unique gift, look no further. Bristol Hippodrome is one of the largest stages in the UK, becoming known as Bristol’s West End Theatre. With relatively affordable tickets, you can see all kinds of different performances, including the Lion King, the musical by Queen and many others.

Hot chocolate

You can hardly go wrong with this one. A nice warm cup of hot chocolate makes happy most of us. Bristol has to offer a few places where you could get one.

Written by Adam Balazi, Student Champion

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