National Student Money Week – 21 to 25 February 2022

Does managing your money feel daunting? It doesn’t have to be if you develop skills and adopt easy ways to spend in a more sustainable way.

Plan your meals

Remember, yellow stickers are your friends!

Did you know….?

…that the University’s catering service also offers a food waste option where you can get your hands on quality, fresh food for low prices and do your bit to reduce food waste at the same time. We have joined ‘Too Good to Go’, an app that lets customers rescue unsold food at reduced cost and save it from going to waste. So far, this has helped us reduce our waste – saving 1092 meals from landfill and reduced our carbon emissions by 2.73 tonnes.

You can find a food swap pop-up at Senate House on 10 March too – as part of Food Waste Action Week.

Make better choices


  • Buy less and buy better – move away from fast-fashion and invest in good quality sustainable brands that will last longer.
  • Read student Marvin Karenzi’s post about what you can do to fight fast fashion.
  • Head to Park Street for charity shops and reduce the environmental impact of your wardrobe. Have a look at a Guide to Vintage Shopping in Bristol by Beyond Retro.
  • Move away from false-economy. Buying a cheap white t-shirt a dozen times is not as cost effective as spending a little more on a quality t-shire that lasts a long time.

Make a change


What else could you do?

We’re sure you have other ideas so why join the discussion about sustainable spending on social media using #nsmw22.

Useful info

If you run into difficulties you may want to read our money saving tips. If you’re experiencing financial hardship we have some emergency funding options that may be able to help.   Find out more about keeping on top of your finances and financial wellbeing.  You can also check out these useful websites: Moneyhelper  and MoneySavingExpert’s tips for students.

Portrait image of Professor Sharon Collard
Professor Sharon Collard, Personal Finance Research Centre

Professor Sharon Collard, Chair in Personal Finance from our Personal Finance Research Centre, said: “Research shows people who feel on top of their finances are much more likely to be satisfied with life, so it really does pay in more ways than one to look after your budget. Financial wellbeing isn’t just about how much money you have, but how you manage it daily, plan for the future, and create some contingency for the unexpected.  

“Although it may be tempting to put money issues to the back of your mind, tackling them proactively and seeking out advice will help ease the worry and put you back in control. With the rising cost of living, affecting food, energy and fuel prices in particular, it’s even more important to be budget-savvy, reaching out for guidance and support when needed.”

Remember if you have any funding enquiries or money worries the Student Funding Office is here to help. You can email us at or call Student Services on 0117 428 3000 to book an appointment with a Student Funding Adviser.

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  1. Great tips. The best advice is to budget as best you can. If you struggle to budget or are having financial issues, reach out and get support.

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