We’re proud to work with and support a really useful student-run mental health organisation called PROJECT:TALK. We spoke with their co-president, Sophie to get some background on why it’s good to talk.


PROJECT:TALK is a Mental Fitness society and CIC at the University of Bristol. We pioneer mental fitness initiatives including mental health training and community events. The funds raised are channelled back into the community by funding mental fitness provisions selected by those who need it most. 

Why did you join PROJECT:TALK?

We joined PROJECT:TALK as the idea of open conversations about mental health seemed like something that our society is lacking. We wanted to create a safe space for students to meet in a relaxed environment and to teach others how to approach mental health conversations.

Why is talking right now a good thing for mental health?

Talking with others is very important for your mental health. It allows you to share your feelings and understand that you are not alone in your situation.

What can people do to support you?

We organise a lot of wonderful events and training, so attending those is the biggest support. Additionally completing our mental fitness training is a big support for us, as it allows us to grow our community at the university.

Talking to one another and being honest about how we are feeling can help remove the stigma surrounding mental health. By speaking about issues we are facing we are then able to get help and support. PROJECT:TALK are involved in the University and Bristol SU’s joint Dare to Care campaign and are hosting a talk session in the SU Loft on Tuesday 1 March.

Remember when it comes to suicide, see the signs, say the words, signpost to support.

The University and Bristol SU have teamed up with the Zero Suicide Alliance to offer an online training module to help you when speaking to someone who’s struggling. It’s designed to take 20 minutes, but we recommend you allow longer to take breaks and reflect on what you’re learning. We’re encouraging all students and staff to take this training – an opportunity to book time in your diary, grab a cuppa and find out how this can help you and others.

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