Red Nose Day 2022

It’s Red Nose Day! You know what that means – a fun night of watching short sketches and performances on the BBC, whilst everyone wears fun (but uncomfortable) fake noses. It’s one of those days that we all get involved with every year when we are children, because schools always hold fundraising events, but stop getting involved once we leave secondary school.

For that purpose, I have created this guide of some fundraising ideas. Remember that when it comes to Red Nose Day, the sillier the idea, the better it is. Why not hold a Bake Sale or Open Mic Night? Or maybe you want to do a charity run or cycle – and why not dress up to do it? There’s always the standard option of having a bath of baked beans. Or you could cash in on primary school nostalgia and hold a Sports Day – and it could feature a Red Nose and Spoon race.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and raise some money – Comic Relief accepts donations all year long so don’t feel like you’ve missed your chance if you can’t get involved today.

By Student Champion Joshua Littleford




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