Keep up your wellbeing during exam season

by Srood Salih, Chief Resident


With exams and coursework heavy in May, take care that you don’t drown in deadline season! It can be crucial for your own wellbeing to ensure that you fit in adequate breaks, and a really good way to do this is to connect with others.

If you are studying in a group or with a partner, fit in some time where you can take a walk or go and grab some coffee or a snack. Any down time where you can connect with other people and your friends, even if its just by having a chat can really help to take your mind off studying and keep your spirits up.

There are also plenty going on in societies, the SU and within ResiLife which you can see by visiting the What’s On webpage, reading the ResiLife weekly newsletter and following @UoBResiLife and @Bristol_SU on socials, if you are struggling for a way to connect with something.

Be Active

Covered walk on the Langford Campus

Physical exercise is a great way to destress and boost some much-needed serotonin. It can be intense at the gym or going off on a run around the downs but it doesn’t have to be so!

A simple walk in the park can be amazing, or instead of getting a snack out of a vending machine; walking to the nearest coffee shop is a great way to break the monotony of work and sneak in some physical activity.

Indeed, instead of taking a voi to and from the library, walking the route can offer some relaxation and benefits after a long studying session!

Take Notice

Take notice of what is around you and try your best to stay in ‘the moment’ as this can really help to strengthen and broaden your awareness.

Take notice of your workspace and try to keep it clutter free as a clear tabletop can really help you to focus in on the task at hand. Maybe spice up your desk by getting a new plant or several! You could also change your routines and maybe try something new at lunch or go somewhere else to eat.

Being aware of yourself and your goals can really help you stay motivated this exam season and these small changes to your day can really help it feel different and keep you in ‘the moment’, aware and motivated.

Exams and essays are difficult and stressful. However, it’s more important than ever to take some time for yourself and ensure that you stay recharged and on top of your work. Organise yourself and make sure you have plenty of time to avoid leaving things to the last minute and feeling overburdened. No matter how hard you feel things are right now, remember there is always a tomorrow. Good luck for your exams, do your best and everything will be alright.

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