Your Student Life: Balancing Studies and Physical Health

by Kien Le, Wills Hall resident 2021-22, 2nd yr Sociology BSc

Life as a University student is one of the best experiences of our lifetime. It’s the moment you start to shape your future. As much as we wish for a Uni life full of nostalgic memories to look back on, the two most important things that students are advised to focus on are studying and staying healthy. Here are some great tips to help you balance your knowledge and health at University.

Create a timetable for yourself

A self-created timetable makes it easy to figure out when to study and to get involved in physical activities. Put yourself in a balanced routine. Choose the times that are most comfortable for your own life.

Set targets

To make sure that you get the right amount of exercise while keeping your studies on track, aim to establish your own “minimums per day”. For example, you can aim to finish some coursework, before spending an hour at the gym to make your day. It’ll be a significant relief if you can complete your class preparations before a sport session!

Join a sport society

If you are strongly committed to studying, your physical health deserves equal treatment. Show that passion for your favourite sport as much as for your dream degree! There are hundreds of sports teams and membership invitations for you to explore on the Bristol SU website.

You can also get involved in fitness in residences, as part of our B:Active residences timetable in partnership with Sports, Exercise and Health >> find the timetable here.

Don’t forget to exercise on “busy days”

Sometimes, there will be a couple of busy days when you have many assignments and deadlines. Spare half an hour to go for a quick walk. You will not believe how a slight physical refresh can magically lower the pressure from all your hard work!

Sleep well

A good “biological clock” makes your day so much better. A full-night, comfortable sleep gives you more time and energy for studying and sports. When your brain gets rested, you can efficiently finish your daily studies, which saves up more time to boost your physical health.

*Biological clock: a person’s daily habit of eating, sleeping, and other human actions

Limit your drinking

Of course, drinking is one of the more popular ways to make friends and relieve stress at University. On the other hand, feeling hungover from a long night out may lower the quality of study and exercise for the next day(s). It’s much healthier to drink water and fluids instead of booze!

(Read more from the University’s statement)

Reduce your screen time

The less time we spend on our phones, the more time we remain to include studying and exercise into our daily schedule. Decreasing your screen-time habits helps your brain focus more on what’s most important for your healthy student life.

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