Danny Watts of Cosmic Ninja on playing Bristol Pride 2022

We spoke recently with Danny Watts, an Executive Assistant in the School of Biological Sciences. Danny drums for Cosmic Ninja, who will be playing the mainstage of Bristol Pride at 6:25 pm on 9 July. While Danny doesn’t identify as LGBTQ+, the bands lead singer Tamsin Cullum does. We spoke to Danny about how Cosmic […]

Pride 2022 – Being an ally, part 2

By Student Champion, Lottie Aikens “I’m not like homophobic. I’m an ally!” If you have watched Netflix’s recent hit series, Heartstopper, you may recognise this quote, which was stated by Imogen, who is one of the straight characters in the show. As a viewer, this quote did not seem convincing to me, after witnessing Imogen’s […]

Pride 2022 – Being an ally, part 1

What does it mean to support the LGBTQ+ community even when you are not part of it? In these blogs we explore what being an ally means and we speak to some staff and students about how they champion the community. Shay Ferguson PA to Director of Marketing and Communications, Marketing and Communications I believe […]

Celebrating LGBTQ+ students and staff for Pride 2022 – Part 4

Part four – Erin, Joanne and Meimei Erin UG, Mechanical Engineering (MEng) How do you identify? Non-Binary, Queer What does Pride mean to you? It’s about safety in numbers. Pride is still a protest and despite the visibility of LGBTQIA+ people in the UK, even here we need to keep pushing for more rights (especially […]

Celebrating LGBTQ+ students and staff for Pride 2022 – Part 3

Part three – Ying, Zhang and Joshua Ying (left) and her girlfriend, Zhang Both UG, Biomedical Sciences (BSc) How do you identify? Ying: My pronoun is she/her and I self-identify as a lesbian. Zhang: I identify myself as a bisexual woman. What does Pride mean to you? Ying: Pride for me is to be my […]

Chief Operating Officer, Robert Kerse, speaks about his first Pride event

By Vikki McCann-Rogers, Communications Officer This Friday (1 July) is 50 years since the very first Pride march in London. 2,000 people took part. Now, more than one million people take London’s city streets to celebrate, and Pride events take place all over the world. To mark the occasion, I spoke to our Chief Operating […]

Celebrating LGBTQ+ students and staff for Pride 2022 – Part 2

Part Two Joshua and Abi Joshua UG, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (MEng) How do you identify? Gay man What does Pride mean to you? To me, Pride is being true to who you are and loving yourself. Have you been on a Pride march before and what are your memories? I went on a Pride […]

Celebrating LGBTQ+ students and staff for Pride 2022 – Part 1

As part of this year’s Pride campaign, we recently invited LGBTQ+ students and staff for a photo shoot on the very sunny Cantocks steps (appropriately dressed in their rainbow gloriousness!) In between sessions we also asked them about their feelings about Pride and why it’s still important today. Part One – Charlotte and Suzanne Charlotte […]

Taking Pride in our research – focus on Jo Clough

Today’s blog is the last of the week of LGBTQ+ research focussed articles and is a special edition to celebrate Autistic Pride Day which takes place tomorrow, 18 June 2022.  In it, we are featuring Jo Clough who is a PhD student looking at the experience of autistic women accessing social care.  Although we particularly […]