Congratulations to our winners!

We had a brilliant response to the Alumni Awards Gala Dinner competition and really enjoyed reading each and every one of your entries. 

Well done to Leah, Monica and Rory, who won their place at the table to see Sir David Attenborough receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the black-tie event last Tuesday. The winning entries are detailed below.

David Attenborough looks at medicinal plants used by capuchin monkeys. Photo Stephen Dunleavy, copyright Humble Bee Films

Leah summed up what it means to her to be a Bristol student with: Community, Belonging, and AdventureExplaining that “Bristol means belonging to a community of similar thinkers, learners, and adventurers, in both the academic and social sphere. It means adventuring socially, physically, and mentally, and belonging to more than just myself. Bristol means somewhere I can be myself, in earnest, and explore what being myself really means.”

Global, Daring, and Inclusive were the three words Monica chose to describe being a Bristol student, saying that “With such an international community, four years in Bristol has allowed me to build lifelong friendships spanning the whole world. Bristol students dare to challenge the status quo, think outside the box, and start conversations that stir real change. There is truly something for everyone in this beautiful, buzzing city!”

Rory chose Fostering, Uplifting, and Alive to explain what being a Bristol student means to him, explaining that “Since arriving in Bristol, I’ve found myself welcomed by a University of peers and a city of life, which come together to create a community like no other. Opportunities: academic, social, and creative, are everywhere; and the resources and support with which to pursue them are more than ample.”

Their prize included a champagne reception followed by a three-course dinner alongside many high-profile alumni. Sir David Attenborough received the Lifetime Achievement Award on the night. 

Thank you again to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our very lucky winners!

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