Community living: Moving from University Halls to private rented accommodation

by Juntao He, Giulia Giani and Carlos Munoz Neira, Senior Residents

Moving out from University Halls sets a new challenge in your student experience. Unfortunately, COVID-19 pandemic contingency seems to be posing an additional load to this new episode of your life. Although moving to private rented accommodations may seem to be slightly overwhelming, it can also turn into an amazing experience. Community living will provide you with loads of skills useful for your adult life. It will also give you the opportunity to meet new neighbours from different ages and backgrounds. In this post we outline 7 tips that will make this process much easier, so we invite you to bear them in mind while you are moving from your beloved University Hall to your new accommodation. 

 1. Remember to change your address for mails and parcels

Moving into a private accommodation can be very tiring with all the stuff packed and unpacked, but don’t forget to arrange for your mail and parcels to be redirected. Trust us, you don’t want to come all the way back to where you were previously living to get your bank letters…or new furniture!

2. Say hello to your new neighbours

First impressions count. So, please, do remember to introduce yourself to your new neighbours. This will certainly put you on better terms to address any future concerns and sets you apart from previous tenants.  

3. Know when your waste and recycling get collected

Hygiene is the one of the most critical things we need to consider, especially as you will probably create lots of waste and recycling when you move in and unpack. Check to see when your collection day is, and get all the right information you need.  If you need to recycle something large, you can visit your local recycling centre

4. Knowing your renting rights and responsibility

When signing your contract, make sure you read it all, and know your rights. Be respectful of your housemates and of new home. 

5. Be a great neighbour: get involved in local fun activities and think about noise

There will be plenty of fun activities around you, so don’t forget to speak with your neighbours and find out! Invite your neighbours for a cup of tea and be respectful when having house parties. 

6. Be kind to yourself and others

We already know you are a truly nice person, so this is just a reminder of how valuable being kind is on a daily basis. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle (having healthy food, exercising, etc.) is one of the best ways to be kind to yourself. You will realise both your academic performance and social life will benefit from this. Also, being kind to your housemates and new neighbours will help you to create a peaceful environment where everybody will undoubtedly acquire a sense of community and collaboration   

7. Look after yourself, your stuff and each other

Moving to private accommodation is a big change, so please, do remember to look after yourself and don’t forget you can always ask for help. Be supportive of your housemates and help each other especially during exams periods. 

Finally, if you would like more tips, you will find more information on moving below:

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