Meet David, undergraduate Advocate for the Be More Empowered (BME) for Success programme

An image of David Kwao Fianko-WilliaThis week we catch up with David, an Advocate for the Be More Empowered (BME) for Success programme for undergraduates. David is currently studying History. We caught up with him about the programme, his interests, favourite places in Bristol and more…

Highlight of being an advocate so far:

Getting to know such great people, it’s just a nice safe space to talk.


What leadership means to you:

Leadership means supporting a team, and being compassionate, empathetic and kind.

Goal for end of 2022-23:

To at least get one academic policy through, as it is difficult currently to get the university to actively provide changes to their rigid structures.


Favourite meal:

I don’t only have one favourite food I have many and it varies from time to time, Ghanaian food is always going to be my favourite. Currently, my favourite Ghanaian dish, though, is Banku with fried fish, pepper and shito.

Book/film recommendation:

I couldn’t just do one of the two – I have both a film and book recommendation. If you haven’t watched it already, I would recommend watching Judas and the Black Messiah, a powerful historical film. There is criticism, such as it  only focuses on Fred Hampton, for example, but overall, it’s a powerful watch. I’m reading this currently, but I would really recommend Walter Rodney’s book, How Europe underdeveloped Africa. It’s a really great read.

Favourite place in Bristol:

Malcolm X Community Centre – I was part of a public history project last year called Decolonising Memory Digital Bodies and the place along with the sense of community I felt there was great. It was space where we could talk about our raw feelings regarding the sensitive topic of enslavement. It’s a culturally sensitive, caring and compassionate environment. I also love the illustrations in the centre of Black inspirational people.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration would be my family, this because of their fight against adversity, their willpower and confidence, which has always been something I have admired and lived by.

Huge thanks to David for sharing these insights into his experience of the programme, and some of his preferences. Please contact if you have a story you would like to share on this blog for Black History Month, and beyond…!

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