You said, we listened…

Back in July we asked students minority ethnic students what content they would like to see in their newsletter. Here is what they told us.

Over 85% of you said that you like seeing a list of events

So we are including more events, both on campus and in the wider city that would be of interest to students from minority ethnic groups. Because of the cost of living we are going to only be sharing free events or those with a maximum of £10.

73% of you enjoy finding out about research that is happening at the University

So we are reaching out to academics from different faculties to see if they have any research they would like to share or signpost to.

All of you said that you wanted to be made aware of paid opportunities

man with dark hair using a computer

With the continuing cost of living crisis we are going to be speaking with the Careers Service to find out what support, roles and training are available.

You had great suggestions for content contributions

There were many great suggestions for additions to the newsletter from more information about financial support, particularly for Widening Participation students, to videos of events.

We want to highlight student creativity and passion. Are you a blogger? Photographer? Aspiring filmmaker? Baker? If so, the student comms mailbox is always open, please get in touch so we can share and celebrate your talents.

Bristol Students’ Union is home to over 350 societies, clubs and networks and we’d like to use the newsletter to learn more about them. So, starting in the New Year we are going to feature a society spotlight with each newsletter focusing on a different society and what they do.

We are also going to make a conscious effort to share student and staff successes, as we all need to celebrate the wins when we get them.

We asked you if you liked the name BAME Newsletter

It was a resounding no. Now after two rounds of surveys we finally have a winning name. Going forward the BAME Newsletter will be called Horizons Newsletter.

Banner for Horizons newsletter

Thank you to all of you who took the time to fill out the surveys, it is greatly appreciated.

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