My top five things to do in Bristol 

by Yunyan Li, Senior Resident 

1. A Morning Run

Having a morning run in Bristol is absolutely a fantastic thing. I will strongly recommend two areas: Harbourside and Clifton village (extending to the Ashton Court). In Clifton area, you could enjoy a sunrise with suspension bridge and river as background. You could also enjoy the natural and clean air near the Ashton court. If you want to treat yourself after exercises, there are a wide range of breakfast restaurants nearby. In Harbourside area, you could enjoy the special scene: a row of colourful houses.  You could also enjoy the peace of harbour and different kinds of boats parking on the side.  

2. Have a Rest in Brandon Hill 

If you are tired of shopping at Park Street, then Brandon Hill should be a place for you. If you are tired of studying in the library, Brandon Hill is also your best choice for relaxation. It is near the Education and Wills library. You can have a nice walk around the hill. You could also climb the Colston Tower to enjoy Bristol from the top.  

3. Ashton Court Deer ‘Hunt’

There are different deer under protection in Ashton court. If you are lucky, you might find them hanging around the in the park peacefully. It was so amazing to take a picture with these lovely deer during Christmas break (in a safe and friendly distance). In summertime, this park is great for a walk with nice scenery.  

4. Look for the footprint of Banksy  

Bristol is famous for the unexpected painting at different street corners. There are guided tour to show you these graffiti wall. Of course, you can look for these surprises with your friends. There are always some unexpected scenes at some corners.  

5. Take a boat trip 

Having a boat trip provides different perspectives for you to explore Bristol. A boat trip from the Suspension Bridge to the city centre can show you most famous scenes of Bristol. It is better to take a boat trip during summertime. With a blue sky, you could enjoy a more attractive Bristol. 


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